I am interested in objects and actions that are on the brink of utility. I make things that might not be made otherwise, because they are not useful enough, profitable enough, or because they are bad ideas; however, in their wily ways, I still find them compelling. A lot of what I do is wearable furniture, for example, I made a pair of pants that allow someone to fall asleep anywhere. In my world, the functions of objects have become very slippery, and some of the things that I make have been really pushing it, like flashcards for making eye contact. I keep thinking about how our bodies are situated in the world around us. We are human. We are animated. I marvel at the influence our surroundings have on our perception. I organized a no phone day recently-a performance where people left their phones at home for 12 hours, abandoning a useful object. I kept thinking during that performance about what it would mean for us to experience the world differently. I continue to think about how our pathways of perception articulate, whether they can be blurred and wavered. Is it possible for my spatial orientation to shift? If I make a glass ceiling real, will it change the one in my mind? I hope that in performing reality, we could unhinge our subjectivity.