Art throughout time has had many different definitions. One aspect of art, has been its ability to (sometimes) create an immense value for specific objects that are not necessary for our survival.

Selby’s art navigates a space on the brink of utility, vacillating between function and dysfunction. Her Cropped Signs takes street signs that are useful and denatures them to say something absurd. Her Visualizing Numbers project suspends itself between the phenomenology of numbers, and the very functional aesthetic of data visualization and information design.  Her No Phone Day  is a collective performance of intentional forgetting that abandons a very useful object.

Her work also frequently crosses the line into functionality. For example, her Erwin Wurm inspired idea to make Chair Pants was realized by a tech company that made a 'chairless chair' exoskeleton. What does it mean for an art piece to become a mass-produced mechanical commodity? In an uncanny turning of context and use, her work articulates a blurring of categorical distinctions.