selby cole

Noonan Building Artist | Dogpatch, San Francisco


Editor in Chief

Creative Producer Rated PG


2019 Interface Gallery

2019 First Exposures


2005-2009 University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), BA Art

2007 University College Dublin, Ireland, Memorialization, Art History, Philosophy

2004 California State of the Arts Scholar (CSSSA), CalArts


2019 Eye Contact, ATA Window Gallery


2019 Too Bad We’re Not Capitalists, A|AH|D Gallery, University of Notre Dame

2019 Numbers, Mission Bowling Club

2018 RONG, Flowers Art Gallery, Oakland

2018 Abstraction, Michael Azgour Juried Exhibition, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto

2017 Tony Kelly Art Auction, Minnesota Street Project

2017 Lights OUT Pier 70, 420 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

2017 Patterns Show, F8

2016 Laundromat Book Club, Visualizing Numbers, Pretend Gallery

2013 Flowers, Blum and Poe

2011 Million Dollar Pool Home, 10642 Ashton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

2009 Entitled, Wight Gallery

2009 Mark Allen Juried Exhibition, Wight Gallery 


2019 No Phone Day, A|AH|D Gallery, University of Notre Dame

2019 Drone Deployment Hat, Flowers Art Gallery, Oakland

2019 The Devils Harp, Flowers Art Gallery, Oakland

2018 No Phone Day, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Kasilof, Portland, Berlin, Barcelona, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Alameda

2014 An apple a day, San Francisco

2011 FACES, Westwood, Los Angeles

2010 Will you take a picture of us? Los Angeles


2018 Hat Purses, Poshmark

2018 Fit Bicycle Jacket, Betabrand

2016 Visualizing Numbers

2011 Air Molecules, LA Telephone Book


2019 No Phone Day, Limited Edition John McNeil Studio 

2019 Eye Contact Flashcards Laurie Berger

2019 No Phone Day Mary Banas

2018 @weareallinthecity